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Direct marketing: 100 million letters
E-logistics: 500,000 packages


Remote selling – Retail – Banking/Insurance – Automotive – Charity


experts in their field

TDM.LOG : for more than 25 years, machines and (especially) people at the service of its customers

June 2018, official creation of TDM.LOG, a new adventure begins. A history of logistics and mailing, of know-how and trust, of machines and people, an experience of more than 25 years at the service of its customers. 

Personalisation, sorting & mailing, logistics… The historical DNA of TDM LOG 

3 enthusiasts of Sorting & Mailing and E-logistics become shareholders and take over the activity to create TDM.LOG: “Taylor Data Mailing Logistique”. Since its origins as a leading service provider, recognised as an expert for its personalisation and mailing services for direct marketing campaigns, TDM.LOG is the concrete result of the takeover of Taylormail. A company already specialising at the time in mailing and customising millions of letters for the companies of the 3 Suisses International Group, of which it was part. The group decided to open up these services to other external customers from March 2014. 

Boosted by the activity carried out with its new customers, growth continues. A commercial opportunity, thus enabling the company to offer its customers additional Print Management and Mailing and e-logistics services.

Équipe de la société TDM Log


Personalisation, sorting & mailing, inserting, wrapping, national and international postal deposits, logistics, e-logistics, etc. Located in Tournai, TDM.LOG is primarily a team of experts who put all their know-how at the service of its customers A wide range of services in terms of personalisation, sorting & mailing and E-logistics.

Entrepôts de TDM Log

A story of people and
machines to keep on moving forward

A great human and professional adventure

100 million letters, 500,000 orders processed per year, a fleet of 20 high-performance production machines… All the competence, expertise, high level of quality and high standards of TDM LOG would be nothing without its teams. Human wealth, experience acquired over the years, a strength on which TDM LOG capitalises so that each employee, at every level, is a contributor in the success of the company, as well as that of its customers. A collective intelligence philosophy which has only one goal : to grow its teams to provide tailor-made services to its customers and ensure their maximum satisfaction.

The rest of the story ? TDM LOG will continue to write it today and tomorrow with its customers by combining trust, responsiveness, satisfaction and expertise.

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