1,5 million d'envois


items shipped

site industriel 11000 m2

11,000 m2

large industrial site in Belgium and France, 6 days a week, 24 hours a day

Icône routage à l'étranger


of your supply chain

Our receipt and storage service adapts to all your BtB or BtC requirements and constraints:

  • Our warehouses are equipped with an anti-intrusion system and video surveillance with motion detection
  • Responsive and personalised order preparation to meet the expectations of your BtB and BtC customers
  • Receipt of your goods in our alcohol-licensed warehouse with customs clearance according to your needs via our outsourced solutions
  • Inspection of your products at the time of receipt of your goods and stocking
  • Preparation of your orders received for your customers, warehouses according to your specifications
  • Management of shipments with a wide choice of delivery methods at preferential rates
  • Provision of monitoring and reporting tools for perfect visibility of your Supply Chain in real time
  • Implementation of tools necessary for customer relationship management: unified communication, marketing campaigns
  • Preparation of orders to your customers or warehouses
  • Reverse logistics
  • Custom work
  • Preparation of kits, assembly
  • Preparation of POS, promotional packs
  • Preparation of “e-commerce orders”

Solutions adapted by product range:

Organisation and processes adapted by product range

  • Cosmetics, Box and Health
  • Fashion, Textile and Linen
  • Food, delicatessen and drinks (air-conditioned space)
  • Consumer goods

Customised solutions

  • Mechanised packaging
  • Box consumables or padded envelope
  • Personalised gift card, gift wrapping, tissue paper
  • Personalised parcel inserts through our exclusive print-on-demand solution
  • Printing your invoices and your transpromotional communication

Our Logistics know-how:

We offer complete and customised solutions to meet the needs of the Supply Chain Logistics in short lead times at optimised costs : Logistics of  PPE and Sorting & mailing of letters addressed to the general public.

  • Receipt by (European) suppliers weighing and identification by “ CAB ”
  • Warehouse approved “ Warehouse operator under excise  ”  and management of customs and VAT  (PPE, Textile, Alcohol, Coffee, biscuits, etc.) 
  • Under our WMS, storage by reference with management of best before and use-by dates
  • Unloading of containers, dispatch and individualized delivery
  • Collection of items from the Custom Picking + Packing location
  • Printing of invoices and CRBTs, management of third-party inserts
  • Orders of all types of consumables or supplies in Europe
  • Management of the different methods of postage and distribution of  BtoC and BtoB parcels  (at drop-off points, at home, Hospitals, Administrations, etc.  )
  • Personalised wrapping of protective masks for individuals Rental of BtoC and BtoB address databases 

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