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Distinguishing features of TDM.LOG

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A tailor-made service with a reliable and flexible offer complemented by a wide range of added values

Customer service available 3*8, 6 days a week.

TDM.LOG hosts and processes the flows of its customers on a logistics site that is adapted, secure and easily accessible thanks to its location, allowing it to be close to the major European capitals, as well as to port, road and air routes.

TDM.LOG also manages customs declarations, VAT management and recovery, and duty and excise management for its clients, providing personalised consulting and follow-up to meet your sales and technical requirements.

Through its combined Print Management, Direct Mail Sorting and E-Logistics Offer, TDM.LOG is able to manage both the printing of your catalogues and the personalisation and sorting & mailing of your mailshots and loyalty mail with distribution between D+4 and D+7, to then logistically process the parcels relating to your customers’ orders, by picking, packing and dispatch.

Thanks to its management of data and images, by targeting and segmenting files, TDM.LOG is able to humanise your parcels by printing and including personalised parcel inserts on request. Manage your different promotional offers every week, personalise benefit codes, gift cards, etc. on request. It’s possible at TDM.LOG !

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Cross-border postal expertise in both mail and parcel services

TDM.LOG offers a postal distribution solution adapted to your Mail and Parcel needs.

Through its international postal agreements, TDM.LOG allows its customers to benefit from its distribution offer in France and Europe for package delivery at drop-off points and at home, as well as distribution to 60 countries around the world.

Thanks to its volumes and postal diversification, TDM.LOG allows its customers to benefit from cheaper rates for both Mail and Parcel delivery.

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Specialists at your service

Thanks to its team of experts, where everyone is an ambassador for the company and shares common values such as collective intelligence, positive attitude, commitment, efficiency, sense of belonging and accountability, these attributes make all our employees true intrapreneurs, which allows us to put performance at the service of the customer.

At TDM.LOG, our customers are not mere numbers … At TDM.LOG, each customer is unique with a personalised follow-up at all stages of the relationship.

We have set up an engineering centre giving you access to a wide range of services :


Benefit from a comprehensive offer

Winaprint, an expert in Print and Paper management, takes care of the printing of your communication material and brochures.


Reduce your costs

RIPOSTE Consulting & Services is a consultancy firm specialising in the optimisation of postal processes and costs for mail and parcel mailers in order to act on the first cost of your shipments: franking.

Continuation of the presentation

On the strength of this expertise, RIPOSTE Consulting & Services has developed unique tools on the market, making it possible to automatically monitor all aspects of the postal world.

With complete transparency towards its customers, TDM Log in partnership with RIPOSTE Consulting & Services, allows you to access major elements of RIPORTING at any time: monitoring of franking, real-time production monitoring, quality. It is a guarantee of quality and know-how.

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Make your address files more reliable

As a data specialist for nearly 20 years, Tracker is at your side to make the most of your data capital and develop an effective, efficient and innovative marketing strategy. Our expertise in data processing and use, customer knowledge, as well as our know-how of digital intelligence and new technologies are undeniable assets for the strategic development of your company.

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Looking for a partner for your print and digital communication?

A genuine partner for the creation of all your content, print or digital, Comanddo relies on a pool of specialist experts for: support and strategic consulting, the creation and production of all your content, and training in the various communication professions (social media handling, website creation, etc.).

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Get help from a supportive consulting unit!

Provision of consulting, support, economically and socially adapted assistance.

from Structural Efficiency to Cooperation Efficiency,

… From ROI to SROI, from CSR to Social Impact measurement!

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Choose a reliable management tool for your industry!

Objectif-PI (Industrial Performance) is the publisher of the ERP Open-Prod. This 100% industrial and open source ERP has been developed to provide an ergonomic and scalable management tool for industrial companies of all sizes.
It is now present in many sectors: mechanics, plastics processing, electronics, textiles, special machinery, jewellery, etc.

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Strengths of TDM Log

High-performance machines to meet your deadlines and quality challenges.

A daily commitment in which human talent plays a key role in following up and bringing to life the mailshots and parcels that you entrust us with.

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Your satisfaction, our priority

Because your requirements deserve our full attention and professionalism, we are committed to providing you with the best of our services. It is therefore a pleasure and a source of pride to know that 98.9% of our customers say they are satisfied with their experience with TDMlog !

Project monitoring, quality of service, compliance with deadlines, among other things. We take pride in meeting your requirements each and every time and for each client.



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