We are industrialists, and TDM.LOG’s managerial skills come from experience in the domains of printing, routing and logistics.

Our industrial culture is twofold, and both « advertiser » et « supplier» philosophies are embedded in our know-how.

Our mission is to convince you of our industrial expertise to ensure your customers’ satisfaction.


International routing


Mailshots delivered / year

+ than 400,000

Packages delivered / year


Industrial site in Belgium and in France 6 days / week 24/7


TDM.LOG has adapted itself to your expertise, and we offer you optimal support without being concerned by your culture.
TDM.LOG vsupports you in two essential phases of your customers’ experience.

MAILING : Reception/Discovery

LOGISTICS : Reception/Unboxing

You know it, we know it, the physical touch points between you and your customers represent a major stake in your performance, so the TDM.LOG team has put in place consulting and production processes to ensure the durability of your customer relations.

TDM.LOG carries and delivers your messages and products but also the evidence of your brand values. Integrity, Personalisation, Resolution, Expectations, Time & Effort and Empathy


The right message, addressed to the right person at the right time !

TDM.LOG’s team of experts will offer you solutions to reach your objectives every step of the way.
Make a good impression with flexibility, quality and speed

Our quality policy combined with flexibility and responsiveness will meet your specifications.
Create your documents, we are here to ensure the reliability of your short and long distance mailing.


TDM.LOG’s mission is to provide supply chain services for all your projects.

Our expertise allows us to effectively offer you optimal solutions whatever your problems may be: volume, weight, quantity of product group.

Our warehouse, our flow management policy, our strategic international presence and our innovative DNA make TDM.LOG YOUR logistics service.


TDM.LOG, this association was born from a free idea: to associate two domains from different fields.
Our aim is to make possibilities in the way we work, think, create and produce. We understand your need to be innovative, and to do this we move forward with a vision for each of our clients.

This vision will allow us to prototype our responses and, after consultation with our clients, to shape them.
TDM.LOG uses this philosophy for its production processes and products, with the objective of providing proof of the veracity of your branding.

The New’Vlop dalready known and recognised by our diffusion partners and major players in off and online distribution, was created by design thinking, like the heat sea heat seal we offer you.


TDM.LOG is the result of Christophe Lemière and Gérald Grignet coming together, entrepreneurs at heart, the former an expert in routing and printing, the latter an expert in e-commerce logistics.. This business expertise is what we share with our best colleagues, but TDM.LOG is more than that.
Our primary expertise is to be the Sherpa of your values and promises. We know that only loyalty and referrals will bring you success, so we are committed to this goal.

CSR/Sustainable Development

How can we not be aware of our major role, when our businesses require the use of large quantities of paper, cardboard, plastic, electricity and fuel, when our teams are called upon to evolve towards 80% of as yet unknown domains?
TDM.LOG also demonstrates its values in three areas: the environment, , le well-being at work , the education..
These commitments are carried out concretely by the whole team, we are persistent in the daily integration of our objectives. Our French and Belgian establishments allow us to enrich ourselves with complementary and effective know-how.


Our « successful customer experience » focus exists, of course, internationally.
Our strategic location allows us to offer you the best possible service for your customers and prospects. Our expertise and customs monitoring also helps you achieve your customer satisfaction objectives.
TDM.LOG has strong partnerships with the main French and Belgian transport players.


Our processes ensure that all the procedures inherent to your business are respected, but also that our support and production are personalised.
« Who can do more can do less », we are able to assist with any type of demand in terms of quantities, volumes, territories.We can reinforce and manage our teams whenever you need us to.


Choosing TDM.LOG, is investing.
This involves feedback, we share our performance analysis tools with our clients to help you weigh up your choices of campaigns and delivery methods. We are there to be a travelling companion, but also a creator of margins and lasting links.

Notre programme d’investissements est destiné à développer nos activités de routage et de mise sous plis personnalisée mais aussi l’E-logistique et l’éditique.

L’objectif de TDM.LOG est d’offrir une expertise en marketing direct et E-logistique et de mettre tout notre savoir-faire au service de nos clients, grâce à des équipements de pointe et à nos équipes compétentes et polyvalentes.

Le Fonds européen de développement régional et la Wallonie investissent dans votre avenir.

101 000 € d’aide : 44 400€ FEDER / 60 600 € région Wallonne